Hiking in Ronjaland

Our hiking trails run in an area where several scenes in the movie Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter were filmed. The area is very hilly and offers nice views of the surroundings. The hiking trails are largely on gravel roads and easily accessible paths. In the few steep passages that exist, stairs and handrails have been installed. Parking spaces are available in several different places, which makes it possible to walk entire trails or take short walks. 

Temporary re-run of Bläsenrundan

Due to construction work with the expansion of the cemetery, Bläsenrundan receives a temporary relocation along the outer cemetery wall during the construction period.

Follow the yellow fabric markings a few hundred meters around the church area until you connect to the regular route.

Ronjalandsleden 19 km

38 km with Pilgrimsleden

Bäverleden 15 km

26,5 km with Pilgrimsleden.

Korpensled 13 km

21 km with Pilgrimsleden.

Bläsenrundan 3,8 km

Quick Tips!

Safety First. If you’re walking alone or in a group let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

Boots or strong sole shoes are recommended. The trails can be wet and slippery. Consider using boot spikes during the winter months.

Walking sticks can be useful at points where terrain is rough or when weather conditions are poor.

Take water, food and something to sit on. There are many beautiful spots along the trails to rest and have Swedish fika!

All hiking is at your own risk. Please be safe and conscious of the weather and environment.

Enjoy hiking among nature in Ronjaland!


Here you can download the Walk In Ronjaland brochure.

Foto: Olle Gustafsson


Vandra i Ronjaland anordnar söndagsutflykter.

Enjoy nature and take good care of it

Hiking in Ronjaland’s trails is mostly over private land and
roads that the landowners have voluntarily leased.

The right of public access applies to:  

  • You are free to pick mushrooms, berries and plants that
    are not protected. It is not allowed to break twigs from
    living trees and shrubs.
  • Feel free to bring the dog but keep it on a leash.
  • You are allowed to move freely in nature, but not on plots,
    gardens or cultivated land. 
  • In general, we advise against fires, there are no prepared
    fireplaces along the trails. Information about fire risk or fire ban can be obtained from the Rescue Service’s answering machine +46-532-17400.
  • Hunting may occur, pay attention to temporary signage.
  • Fishing licenses are required in all waters of the area.
  • Take your rubbish home.
  • SOS Alarm: Call 112 in the event of serious personal injury or forest fire.
  • Thank you for showing consideration.

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The hiking trails have been created and maintained by the association Vandra i Ronjaland with the support of: