Temporary re-run of Bläsenrundan

Due to construction work with the expansion of the cemetery, Bläsenrundan receives a temporary relocation along the outer cemetery wall during the construction period.

Follow the yellow fabric markings a few hundred meters around the church area until you connect to the regular route.

From the parking lot by the  information board, the trail goes past our beautiful wooden clad church, through a deciduous grove and on to the first gate. Walk past a pond and over the pasture, keeping an eye out for friendly cows. After the next gate, approach Mount Bläsen through a spruce forest. You are at the foot of one of Ronja’s mountains. Via a zig-zag path, the mountain rises with an emergent view over Lake Ärr. At the top you reach the northernmost mine. From there we follow the road sloping down across the mountain to a crossroads, where you take the easy road straight ahead or up the mountain to the view from Bläsen. Here you can also see the quartz quarry, where during the filming of Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter, interiors were built for Matt’s Fort’s inner courtyard. If you take the easy road you’ll be walking towards Hensbyn, then through the open, hilly agricultural landscape and back up to the parking lot. 

Yellow 3,8 km

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