Ronjalandsleden runs between Högheden in the north and Högelund in the south. At the end of Skogsslingan is Linheden’s remarkable view across the lake Knarrbysjön. Via Hagmarksslingan’s deciduous forest you’ll come across mighty 400-year-old oaks that are a sight to behold, and be on the peaceful path to Knarrbysjön. Following along the old church road, perhaps to visit Oscars knatte, you reach Fengersfors, with places to swim and shop. Along Knarrbyån you can keep an eye out for our local beavers, before you discover the village of Fröskog with its unique wooden church with peasant baroque style ceilings.Continuing along the shores of lake Ärr, you can visit the dam at Verkälven built for Dals Bergssocietet’s silver venture in 1777. The trail then continues towards Hell´s Gap and the Bear’s Cave from the Ronja film. After a detour to Korpeknatten with a view of Ronja’s kingdom, you reach Högelund, where you can rejoin the Pilgrims trail. 

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